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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Finally up and running and a FREEBIE!

Hubby is recovering and now the nagging begins! I think he is doing too much and for some reason he cannot not comprehend that this will only set him back. "The told me to start walking on it." Yeah... the operative words being 'start walking' , NOT run a marathon! So, this morning he has more pain than he had yesterday so maybe he will start to believe me when I tell him something! Geez, what is it with men anyway? But, I have to mind my p's and q's cuz I will probably having surgery on my foot before the end of the year and have already been told that it will be 2 months of 'no-weight' bearing and then another 2 months of 'limited' weight bearing. I am going to expect the same, no, actually better, treatment from him so I will continue to treat him like a King so I will be treated like THE Queen! Can you believe that my biggest concern about my surgery is that with the way my computer is set up, I won't be able to sit at it and keep my foot elevated? I think that might be a sign of a serious addiction but, heh, what else am I going to do for all that time?

Did everyone survive Friday the 13th? My day was actually pretty nice even though I had to make a trip to the Motor Vehicle Department which is usually a nightmare in itself! But then, as my husband said, "The gods wouldn't dare mess with you!"
Now, to the FREEBIE!

Just a little one but one that since I made it I have used quite a bit in LO's I've done. It's a scrap of frayed material with stitching. I have used it as layered matting beneath photos, resized to use on tags and for titles, etc. It adds a lot of texture to the page. The file contains 2 png's since I kept the cloth and the stitching separate and in gray tone for you so that you can re-color to your hearts content!
You may share this but please use my preview and direct to here for the download. And, of course, there are the usual TOU: DO NOT change my file names, DO NOT claim as your own, for NON-Commercial use only, ALWAYS listen to your mother and ALWAYS wear clean underwear in case of an accident (which makes no sense to me because if I had an accident then my underwear would no longer be clean!). Other than all that, please enjoy and PLEASE, OH PLEASE leave a comment!

Download link: Sorry, this download link has been removed


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Janni, for all of your wonderful freebies! I love the Fall Splendor kit. I hope you feel better soon.

Barbara said...

Hi Janni!
OK, I have been on a download frenzy here, smiles. I now have the complete Fall Splendor kit and it is Gorgeous!!! Out here in Southern California, we don'tsee much color at least not like you have. So I will lvoe to use this kit that much more. The frayed cloth you have ehre, looks almost like handowrk from the early part of the century or earlier. Love the old hand handwork look!
Take care of yourself, and here's to the happy pills!

tajicat said...

Love it, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful work. :)

mumtomanyuk said...

this frayed cloth is no longer available, have you re-posted it?
I would love to have it.