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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Final part of Fall Splendor!!!

D#*M this damp weather. Hurting tonight so can't sleep which means I will probably be worth nothing tomorrow. For some reason the saying "If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of my body!" keeps running through my head! Oh, well, it could be worse so I will shut up now!

Flowers, a leaf paper, pins and a stickpin are in this download.

So, now you have it all! I would love to see any LO's! I hope you enjoy this kit. Now I have to put on my thinking cap and decide what to give away next. Anybody looking for anything special????

Download no longer available


Felicie said...

Thank you for a wonderful kit.

Ummaro said...

Thanks for the great kit! And glad to hear Lola is OK, lol...I know a pretty calico of the same name. I enjoy your blog, and hope to see more from you soon...thanks again.

Anita said...

lol it's cold and rainy here so think I'll have a play with this awesome kit... off to download

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I caught this before you took it down. I love this kit and I would also like to thank you for leaving up the download links so I didn't miss out on the other days!


Elaine said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful fall kit, and thank you for leaving the links up as I just found your blog today. I am curious as to how old you are as you talk like you are old. I am 55 by the way. Love your work. You asked what do I like, well not me in particular but I am answering. I love flowers and doodles and wordart, most elements but not bottlecaps. Will come back again. Thanks

Amanda said...

You are so great at what you do!! This kits is beautiful!! I have some pictures from a trip I went on to meet some internet friends (so maybe a friend or internet meeting theme)and I have several friends that are ecpecting soon (maybe some baby stuff), ??

Anonymous said...

Luvvvvvvvv this kit! Thanx so much for sharing your time and talent. It's just luvly and my fav season... so this is very much appreciated.

I would luv to see maybe some gothic fun doodles and some fun halloween stuff to do LO's of the kiddies Trick or Treating fun maybe??? :)


Robyn said...

Thank you for everything in this kit. :) I truly appreciate you sharing with us. This download is probably my favorite as I love flowers and autumn.

A. said...

I love your fall splendor set! I can't find day 3, am I missing something?



Lisa said...

This is gorgeous! Thanks so much for you sharing your hard work and talents with us!! :)